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Paopu Destiny's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Paopu Destiny

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[January 16th 2008 09:47 PM]

Who: Demyx halfnotes, Zexion shiney_books
What: Zexion wants to listen to Demyx's sitar playing. ^_^
When: After school hours, mid-week
Where: Zexion's place
Warnings: None

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[January 12th 2008 04:39 PM]

Who: Larxene celebi_girl, Luxord xjokercardx
What: Larxene has asked Luxord to go to the festival with her.
When: Day of the festival
Where: At the complex, then the beach
Warnings: None

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Festival [January 11th 2008 07:13 PM]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Who: Seifer (</a></a>lamersinc) </b>& Riku
Seifer's date with Riku.
Festival on Paopu Beach
None yet.

The fresh smelling air of the ocean wasn't new to Seifer. He had been living in Paopu destiny for quite some time and probably before he was born. Well, his mother was living there while she was pregnant. That wasn't the point. The point was that he was on the beach for the first time since moving in by himself and was supposed to be meeting his new boyfriend. Blushing at the thought, the not usually shy blond turned away from the street he was staring at for Riku to be expected to come down to glance over at the area on the beach bursting with people.

It wasn't weird to have the beach so busy, but it was a Friday night and the club was having free beers after buying two. For most people, that would be a luxury. Being Seifer, he could care less. He wrapped a dark grey coat around himself as the wind from the ocean picked up during his wait for Riku.

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Happening #2 [January 7th 2008 05:05 PM]

School starts back for anyone under eighteen today!

During school, the kids are reminded that the New Year Beach Festival on Paopu beach is this friday. People who are not students receive a letter about it in their apartment mail box.  Remember that it is a festival to celebrate the new year. If you bring a date, buy them cookies to show how much you love them. Fire works go off at ten o'clock or later depending on sunlight.


Happening #1 [December 30th 2007 03:06 PM]

You find this hat on your door step.

Don't forget to write down your New Years Resolution and place it in this hat. Someone will be around
to pick it up. Write it anonymously, of course.

From your Land Lord.

P.S. No loud parties.


[December 28th 2007 12:00 PM]

Who: celebi_girl Larxene
What: Larxene is bored after a night of work and wants to meet the people in the complex.
When: Early afternoon
Where: The outside pool
Warnings: None

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[December 27th 2007 07:10 PM]

Who: Seifer (lamersinc) & Riku
Seifer decide to take a break from being bored and goes to the record store where a handsome fellow happened to be as well.
Record Store in the mall
Boys making out shirtless.

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Moving In... [December 27th 2007 10:08 PM]

Who: Leon (valete_liberi) Cloud (645093)
What: Cloud is moving his stuff into his apartment and bumps into someone…
When: Mid afternoon
Where: Outside Cloud’s apartment.
Warnings: No warnings…
Open/Closed: Open to Cloud only.

Leon turned and gave his new place a final once over before heading for the door, a slight frown marring his features. The apartment whilst comfortable and bright, looked bare. Grey-blue eyes drifted briefly over to the small stack of boxes lining the small hallway. Unpack. He should be unpacking. Everything he had needed to do, he had done. Settling in was his next prerogative.

That was probably why the notion left him with a distinct sense of discomfort. Unpacking, filling the space with bits of himself. It felt at odds with Leon. Chances were, he would not be in this place for too long anyway, so why take things out when you might have to throw them back in their boxes at any given moment?

No, later, he could unpack later. He wanted to be moving. … maybe a swim. Something to clear his head.
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Welcome to Paopu Destiny! [December 27th 2007 10:26 AM]


I hope you find your stay very welcoming! Don't forget the many places one can visit while staying here.

MOD [December 26th 2007 05:39 PM]

Okay, just wanted to remind everyone that the Rp starts tomorrow! And I'd just like to give everyone a little last minute information. You don't have to friends lock your posts or your journals, but if you'd like to, you may. For the characters who are going to be heading to school, the school closest to the apartment complex wil be starting back on January 5th. If you missed the post of the Mass Friend Add/Remove, it should be the one just under this, it has instructions on it. And if the Application post or any other post is slowing your computer down, do tell me and I'll make a new one or put the words behind a cut for you all. All I can say is have fun when the Rp starts and if you need anything, you can just message me on MSN[lady_dragon2004[at]hotmail.com] or on AIM [GreyDisorder]. Have Fun~!
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